Student Group Grants

The Institute of Politics works with many Harvard student organizations to benefit the undergraduate political atmosphere at Harvard. One of the many ways that Harvard student organizations can partner with the IOP is by applying for an IOP Grant.  

IOP Grants are available to Harvard undergraduate organizations for projects and/or events that promote political awareness and involvement in the Harvard community. All organizations must be recognized Harvard student organizations and registered with the Office of Student Life. The IOP cannot fund any individual student travel or overseas travel of any kind.

Grants are awarded up to $1500 on a monthly basis from September 1 to
April 1.  The Application needs to be submitted on the first day of the month to be considered.  All IOP Grants must be used by May 1. An organization may request up to $1500, but this is not a guarantee of the award amount. For more detailed information about the terms and conditions of IOP Grants, please click here.

We also work to provide organizations with speakers and space. To inquire about available space, please contact Kerri Collins.

To apply for an IOP Grant, please click here
Theresa Verbic is the IOP staff contact for IOP Grants.