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The Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard University was established as a living memorial to America's youngest elected president, John F. Kennedy. Since its founding half a century ago, the Institute has used its programming and activities to ignite passion, appreciation and respect for politics and public service in the hearts and minds of every generation. More »


The IOP offers over a dozen major programs for undergraduate involvement including the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum, a fellowship program with top political practitioners, over 100 paid internships; a nonpartisan, quarterly journal; and a nationwide survey project of Millennials’ political views.


Each semester, IOP Policy Program students combine their policy interests with research skills to write policy papers for the Massachusetts State Legislature. In spring 2017, topics ranged from home care to the cost of education to autonomous vehicles. More »
After 17 years at the Institute of Politics, this week will be our friend and colleague Director of Fellows and Study Groups Eric Andersen’s last at the IOP.More »